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yrnche material

The material used to manufacture our products is smooth cowhide and velour, cowhide with a sanded finish. All material is a side product of the meat industry and is tanned with organic tanning compounds only, without the use of chrome. Extracts of bark, leaves and roots are used as tanning agents because of their high tannin content.


We carefully select our suppliers to guarantee the quality and the desired certification of our materials. Wrinkles and scars naturally appear on the surface of cowhide leather as marks that the animal has earned over its lifetime. We do not exclude such pieces from production because we see their imperfections as a natural part of the material's life cycle.

We recommend cleaning your products regularly with a soft  bristle brush or a lightly dampened cotton cloth. Clean evenly over the entire surface to avoid stains. We recommend using beeswax-based products after cleaning for dark shades. For lighter shades, a transparent care cream can be applied on the surface, always according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Apply the product in circular motions using a cotton cloth, wipe off after a short moment and then polish using a paper towel.

The bags should be stored in the included textile pouches to prevent dirt and dust from getting on them between wears.

Protect the products from rain and high humidity. If exposed to humid environment, we recommend filling the bag with paper towels and letting it dry without using a heat source.

The change in color due to sunlight is a natural characteristic of vegetable tanned leather. Therefore, always store your products out of direct sunlight.

yrnche clutches
yrnche miniclutch


Our products are designed for everyday use and come with a two-year warranty. The warranty does not cover damages caused by inappropriate wear, overload or mechanical damage. Please refer to the terms and conditions for further information.

Information on refunds can be found here

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